Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation in New Jersey?

It’s not surprising that the end of a marriage can be financially and emotionally traumatic. Not only is the traditional litigated divorce process painful, but it is also complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Depending on your particular circumstances, there may be a better way. There is a way that typically cost less, takes less time and is more efficient, and puts the children first while protecting privacy and peace of mind.

This better way is divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a process where a neutral party known as a mediator meets with both spouses in order to help them identify the issues that need to be resolved, share the information necessary to find solutions and communicate effectively so they can reach an agreement of all issues through divorce mediation.

During a series of meetings, the divorce mediator will actively engage with both spouses to address all the necessary issues. The mediator will help the spouses reach decisions and agreements necessary for an amicable end to their marriage.

After an agreement is reached a document is prepared which is called a Memorandum of Understanding. This is drafted by the mediator and will contain all the agreements that were made during the mediation sessions.

This document can then be taken to their respective attorneys for review and help in finalizing the divorce.

Are You Considering Divorce Mediation?

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What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process.

Mediation is a voluntary process and both spouses must agree to the process and to continue it. If at any time, you or your spouse do not wish to continue, you may abandon mediation.

The couple makes all decisions.

While the divorce mediator helps to bring up the issues and to facilitate discussion, the parties make the decisions together on all of the major issues.

Mediation is less costly than traditional divorce litigation.

In mediation, the parties are paying one professional mediator to assist them as opposed to having separate attorneys. The parties may hire a divorce attorney to review the final divorce agreement, but will typically be less costly than litigation.

Mediation results in a faster resolution.

Because the parties are not waiting for separate meetings with their own respective attorneys, and because they are not waiting for court dates, the couple may go through divorce mediation on their own terms and schedule.

Mediation is a creative process.

Mediation is focused on creative problem-solving. The parties will learn to become more comfortable with the process and realize that it’s about helping them work together to find win-win solutions. Divorce mediation has benefits beyond the divorce as well. Spouses with children, who have learned to cooperate and work together during divorce mediation, often find it easier to work together in the future when issued arise post-divorce.

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

The cost of divorce mediation in New Jersey can vary based on a number of different factors. Generally, mediation will cost significantly less than traditional litigated divorce.

Something else to consider is that there is more to be considered then the financial cost of divorce. Divorce litigation will not only cost more financially, but there is often collateral damage that impacts extended family as well as the emotional cost.

Divorce Mediation Checklist

The success of divorce mediation will depend a lot on both parties being willing to provide all necessary information promptly and accurately.

  • Federal and State Tax Returns
  • Pay Stubs
  • W-2’s and/or 1099’s
  • Partnerships & Other Business Interests Valuation
  • Real Estate Property Valuation
  • Vehicles, Boats, Trailers Valuation
  • Savings, Checking, Money Market and CD Accounts
  • Non-Retirement Investments such as Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Executive Compensation – Stock Options, RSUs or Other Executive Comp
  • Retirement Account Statements
  • Annuities, IRAs, Deferred Compensation
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP’s)
  • Insurance Policies (auto, health, liability, life, etc.)
    Jewelry, Antiques, Art, Coin Collections, or Other Property with significant value
  • Accounts Receivable & Unsecured Notes
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Credit Cards and Revolving Credit
  • Other Loans and Debts
  • Prenuptial and/or post-nuptial agreements

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