Divorce Privacy

Keeping Divorce Private

Given the popularity of social media and a general willingness to share everyday details of our lives, the idea of privacy seems almost to be something of the past. Our culture almost seems to celebrate transparency. The private details of people’s lives are posted, shared, scru
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Divorce In New Jersey

Divorce Options in New Jersey

When you were contemplating divorce or you have suddenly been hit with the news that your spouse wants a divorce it can be easy to get tunnel vision due to an avalanche of emotions. There is a fear of what comes next and this can cause many to move forward with the first divorce attor
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7 Tips for Surviving after Divorce

Divorce is a very challenging period in anyone’s life and creates an emotional roller-coaster on which no one wishes to ride alone. It is quite difficult to adjust to being without a partner, especially for those who have been married for many years.  The first place to begin moving y
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10 Tips to Ensure a Quick Home Sale

With the current real estate market a seller needs to be aware of how to make his home sell quicker. The following provides some ideas potential sellers may find helpful. 1. Choose the appropriate price from the beginning Ditch the idea you should start with a higher asking price and
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Collaborating on a Prenuptial Agreement

Divorce attorney Anna–Maria Pittella. Esq., Certified Financial Planner John Caroli and Dr. Karen B. Donahue, PsyD talk about how to collaborate on a premarital agreement without destroying the romance.
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Home For Sale

How to Prepare Your House for Sale

There is no doubt it takes some work in order to prepare a home for sale. The major decision is whether you should totally declutter the house or do some work that gives it the appearance of still being lived in. The following ten tips will help you prepare your home for sale and incr
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Choosing the Right Real Estate Lawyer

The field of real estate is unique with complexities that can be rather expensive. In most cases when an individual engages in real estate ownership it refers to the home in which he and his family live and is quite often the largest asset a couple owns. In order to protect the owners
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