Can I Still Collect A Settlement If The Accident Was Partially My Fault?

In many personal injury cases, it is clear who is at fault. For example, a vehicle runs a red light and collides with your vehicle in the middle of an intersection. But what happens when negligence isn’t quite so clear cut. Let’s say you are walking through a grocery store texting wit
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Real Estate Lawyer

Don’t Make These Emotional Mistakes When Buying A Home

They say home is were the heart is. Our homes are so closely identified with who we are that it isn’t surprising that buying a home is such an exciting and emotional process for many people. You find the perfect house and are charmed by its character. You can already hear the laughing
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6 Ways to Offer Comfort to Your Child While Transitioning Between Households

Making the switch from one family household to two separate units can be a lot for a little mind to process – especially if the separation is fairly new. For many parents, the thought of stressing their children out with the transitioning process is a lot to handle mentally, but it do
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Home For Sale

Five Simple Techniques for Making Your Bathroom Appear Larger for Selling

While using a professional stager offers the best results, unfortunately can also come with an expensive price tag you weren’t budgeting. Thankfully, with a little bit of understanding and do-it-yourself experience you can help stage your home for buyers – without needing to pay for a
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Personal Injury Attorney

What Types of Cases Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

While most people have a general idea of what a personal injury lawyer does, some are surprised to learn the true extent of expertise. This type of lawyer focuses on injuries, whether psychological or physical, that resulted because of another person, company, or government agency doi
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Personal injury compensation

How Is Case Value and Compensation on a Personal Injury Claim Determined?

A personal injury lawyer seeks to secure both justice and financial compensation for a client who sustained an injury. To be successful, the attorney will perform an analysis on the case to determine if it is winnable. If the lawyer feels a client has a good case, work begins on gathe
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Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

Let’s face it, no one likes to think about an accident; when it hits – it can send your entire world spiraling, especially if you’re left with medical bills, expenses, and long-term ailments as a result. Unfortunately, while you’d like nothing more than to receive the help you need an
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4 Tips to Help Improve the Wow-Factor When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can seem like an easy process, but if your home’s not living up to its full potential—you’re liable to have it sit on the market for several weeks (or months). It’s important to understand the needs of prospective buyers; making the space seem adaptable to their curr
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Car Accident Injury

What You Should Do if You Are Injured in a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is frightening. In addition to having your vehicle severely damaged or totaled, there is the issue of dealing with injuries. Insurance companies are notorious for offering low-ball compensation in order to settle quickly. Unfortunately, many people take the off
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Co-parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

Co-parenting, especially after a messy split can be very difficult. Overcoming any built up resentment and getting past the painful history you may have with your ex can at times seem impossible. But, while it’s true that co-parenting is not a walk in the park, it’s the be
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